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Generate Recurring Income Using Automated Webinar & Sales Platform

Automated Webinar & Sales Platform

100% Automated Webinar

With Autonar,  There is no dull moment.   Everything is Automated.  Upload your webinar YouTube link OR mp4 file  then you are set.

System will automatically show your attendees webinar,  share data,  give you tracking & even sell your products for you!  It's THAT simple! 

1 Click Signup Page

With 1 click you can generate a UNIQUE signup page thats compatible on all devices.

Signup pages are customizable by adding tracking codes, images , this & that.  We got you covered.

Remember,  You can have UNLIMITED Attendees watch your webinar anytime

Easily add any Call To Action Buttons To enable Webinar watchers to take action.

You will also be able to see if any of the attendees clicked the button.

CAll To Action Buttons

Lead Generation Fire

The platform will help you collect & Export leads.  You can get Segmented leads directly based on the Webinar & Presentation.

Tracking & Verifications

We understand how important tracking views, email verification, buy clicks is.  So we included all of it in this platform.

These vital information will help you take better decisions.

Instant Email & Tracking

We will send your leads/attendees a copy of the webinar on their email with your information, so they can watch it later as well.

Many times,  people watch webinar but forget how to get back to the buy buttons or to rewatch it before they make their purchase decision.  This solves that problem Instantly.

Ads / FB Pixes Tracking/


We have built an Webinar WIDE Ad settings, where you can put in your ad banners, top & bottom.  Or FB Pixel codes,  Timer Codes.

Google Analytics etc.

This is meant to help you LEVERAGE your traffic into converting them into customer better.

1 Done For You Webinar Included

This purchase includes 1 done for your Webinar that you can plugin to system to start generating leads.

SSL Certificates For All Your Webinars & Attendees. 

Other Automated Webinar platforms do not offer or charge extra for SSL for their customers.   We Include it for all our customers & their attendees.

Low ONE Time Prices & All Features Included

Purchase Includes A Video Training



UNLIMITED Everything & All Features Included

Autonar Pro Unlimited
Autonar Pro Unlimited Reseller

Why Get A Reseller?

You will also get a copy of the Sales page & also be invited to a RESELLER ONLY webinar thats going to show you HOW/WHERE to sell products like these for TOP dollars.

This is EXCLUSIVE Product That You Will Love.

Softwares like these sell EASILY but are VERY expensive to build.  With Reseller Plan, You will have the opportunity to resell Accounts & Keep 100% of the Entire profit.

It's ONLY 1 Time Fee & Profit lifetime with it.

Got A Question On Reseller Text:  (469) 655 6053 or Email

We are so confident that you will love Autonar , that we are willing to offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee if you do not love your purchase.